Archive Cheat #1

On tour at the mo, so not a huge amount of free time.
Probably just post up old stuff I've done. Cheat.

Rubber band font

I'm creating a hand-made font out of rubber bands.
Here are some 'making-of' shots.

tomtom #2

This is the 2nd installment in a series of posters
for a clubnight called TomTom in Sligo, Ireland.


The Eyes are being used for the posters of a
new clubnight kicking off in Sligo, Ireland.
More details here.

The Eyes #31

Fernando the slug, St. Stephen's Green, Dublin.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Phase one now selling. Click image to enlarge.

A challenge for grown-up ravers...

...try to present your olive oil and balsamic 
vinegar as the perfect acid house smiley.


"Hi, can I get a ham and cheese croissant and 
some basic anatomy lessons, please? Thanks."

Jumping Green Man

Took these shots a while back but it just occurred 
to me that they could make up a simple animation. 

If Acronym was an Acronym.

Alternative suggestions welcome.

"Hitler's in Me Kitchen, Baybayyy!"... be sung to the tune of 
Grace Jones, “Pull Up to the Bumper”.


Took this photo tonight on the roof and messed with some type. Sounds wanky if I explain it, so I'll keep schtum.

"Shushers" - A Cinematic Solution

Cinema tickets? Check. Popcorn? Check. Bucket of Coke? Check. Glow in the dark "SHUSHERS"? Check.

There's a movement happening and you're in!

Just tear out, keep and hand to the next perp you find disobeying the cinematic code. 

Printed on glow-in-the-dark card so as to ensure 100% silent clarity in your message. 

Click on the 
image to enlarge

The photo below shows an actual prototype. No shit. 

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionised

A quick scamp for a project I have underway. 
More on this soon. Larger image here.