Took this photo tonight on the roof and messed with some type. Sounds wanky if I explain it, so I'll keep schtum.

"Shushers" - A Cinematic Solution

Cinema tickets? Check. Popcorn? Check. Bucket of Coke? Check. Glow in the dark "SHUSHERS"? Check.

There's a movement happening and you're in!

Just tear out, keep and hand to the next perp you find disobeying the cinematic code. 

Printed on glow-in-the-dark card so as to ensure 100% silent clarity in your message. 

Click on the 
image to enlarge

The photo below shows an actual prototype. No shit. 

The Television Will Not Be Revolutionised

A quick scamp for a project I have underway. 
More on this soon. Larger image here.

The Eyes #24

T.P. Skeleton in Section 8, Melbourne.

The Eyes #23

A fan in Section 8, Melbourne.

The Eyes #22

Spewing worms in St. Jeromes, Melbourne.

The Eyes #21

Freaking out in Melbourne.

The Eyes #20

The old man of the walls in Melbourne.

"Antipaganda" Poster #4

"Antipaganda" Poster #3

"Antipaganda" Poster #2

This one takes a cue from the 

"Antipaganda" Poster #1

From a series of mock propaganda posters 
dealing with modern Ireland.

The Eyes #19

Ghostly in Dublin.

The Eyes #18

Something's troublin' Zublin in Dublin.

The Eyes #17

'Say Awww!' in Dublin.

The Eyes #16

Smokey in Dublin.

The Eyes #15

'Don't touch me' in Dublin

The Eyes #14

Tired and emotional in Dublin.

The Eyes #13

Dribbling in Dublin.

The Eyes #12

"So I sez to him, I sez, Barry, I sez..." in Dublin.

The Eyes #11

Norman in Dublin.

The Eyes #10

Piglet in a Dublin toilet.

The Eyes #9

Smiling in Dublin.

The Eyes #8

Sky gazer in Dublin.

The Eyes #7

Starvin' Marvin in Dublin.

The Eyes #6

Kicked to the kerb in Dublin, Ireland.

The Eyes #5

Barking mad in Dublin.

The Eyes #4

The Scream in Dublin.

The Eyes #3

A friendly bench in Dublin.